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Our company strongly believes in giving back to the lobster fishermen who make what we do possible.  Our president & founder, Nick Perreault, grew up in a fishing family in a fishing community, and as a working lobsterman he fully appreciates the challenges that fishermen face every day.

The job is seasonal, and the season is short.  As a result, missed work days due to injury or illness can quickly lead to major financial losses.  This is why we have committed 10% of the profits from every ShopLobster sale to the Maine Lobstermens’ Association Lobstermens’ Relief Fund. This fund provides financial assistance to fishermen who are sidelined by injury or illness and are unable to provide for their family.

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We have carefully curated a selection of reused, recycled and repurposed products made from fishing gear, rope and fisherman’s bib overalls, all sourced and proudly made in Maine.

Maine Lobster Fishermen
Maine Lobstermen's Association
Greenhead Lobster

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