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ShopLobster works directly with lobster harvesters. That means we can ship the freshest lobsters from the dock to your home in the fastest possible time. Our lobsters are guaranteed to be delivered alive. 

Choose from 1.25-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound live lobsters. We also sell frozen lobster tails and claw and knuckle meat, shipped to you overnight.

Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Lobster

All of our seafood is sustainably harvested in Maine. Perhaps the most important aspect of this is that female lobsters with eggs are marked as breeders with a notch in their tail and returned to the sea.

Another sustainable feature, unique to the Maine fishery, is a strict minimum and maximum legal size requirement. Large lobsters are protected as dynamic participants in the reproductive cycle. No other U.S. or Canadian fishery protects oversized lobsters.

These sustainable practices help maintain a healthy population of lobsters and assures that our lobster fishery will continue to thrive.

When you buy fresh lobsters from ShopLobster, your purchase supports the individual Maine fishermen who have made these sustainable practices a way of life.

Why Our Lobsters are Better Than Supermarket Live Lobsters

Our lobsters are 100% natural wild-caught off the coast of Stonington, Maine, and are guaranteed to be fresh.

Buying live lobster from the supermarket offers the illusion of freshness, but the reality is otherwise. Lobsters in a tank at the supermarket are generally between 5-14 days old. Some supermarket lobsters have been out of the ocean for weeks, and they don’t come with a date stamp! The longer a lobster sits in an unnatural environment the less fresh it is, and the less fresh it will taste. Supermarkets will also offer Grade B lobsters to cut costs. Known in the industry as B-liners, these lobsters are cheap, and it shows.

Often there is no way to know where a supermarket lobster came from, and if there happens to be a label, it may not be accurate. Even if it says, “Maine Lobsters,” there is no assurance that the lobster was actually sourced from Maine.

Lobsters available online from ShopLobster arrive at our packing facility straight from the wharf. These are the freshest, best-tasting, Grade A lobsters you can buy, and we guarantee that are all sourced from the cold clear waters of Penobscot Bay in Maine. That, in a nutshell, is the advantage of buying online from ShopLobster instead of at the supermarket!

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