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Maine’s famous Red Hot Dogs

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1 12 oz package of Rice’s Red Hot Dogs  *GLUTEN FREE*

1 16 oz package of W.A Beans Red Hot Dogs  *GLUTEN FREE*

Select either 2pkgs or 4pkgs of choice Red Snapper Hot Dogs (~14-16 hot dogs / ~28-32 hot dogs, total weight may vary).

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W.A Bean & Sons’ Red Hot Dogs are the newest addition to our growing selection of delicious Maine-made foods. If you’ve never tried one of these flavorful hot dogs, you are in for a treat. And feel free to share the love and send Red Hot Dogs to your family, friends, and co-workers for a Red Hot Dog fiesta! You can steam, grill, or cook these hot dogs over a camp fire and just add your favorite condiments for a meal worth sharing.

The Story of Maine’s Red Hot Dog

According to Fred Rice, whose family originally made the red hot dogs, the spice recipe that gives the dogs their unique flavor was developed by a German POW.  The man had been a submariner during World War 2.  At the end of the war, he was captured and taken to NYC.  Fred’s great grandfather had heard that some of the prisoners were sausage makers.  He made the trip to New York and, after interviewing several prisoners, hired the sailor to make an authentic German sausage. The result is the delicious dog that is now synonymous with Maine.