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Lobster Tails

Looking for the freshest online lobster tails, order from ShopLobster now. We provide authentic delicious-tasting lobster tails that are fresh from Maine.

All of our lobsters are caught in the wild and our company follows strict fishing sustainability practices in Maine.

Following all local and international catch and release codes, we are becoming the most ethical supplier of lobster tails in Maine.

The Size and Quantity You Want

If you have never tasted a fresh Maine lobster, you have never tasted how sweet and juicy a lobster tail can taste. 

You can choose the size and quantity with ease using our secure website or easy-to-use app. We guarantee your delivery will arrive on time tasting fresh, sweet, and juicy.

We can meet any size preference when it comes to lobster tails. 

Some people prefer the taste of smaller lobsters, as they are known for being sweeter. While other people prefer the taste of larger lobsters as the taste is a bit more tender. 

Let us know what size you prefer and will meet your requirements.

We make the ordering process simple. Place your order today and we will have your fresh lobster tails packed and shipped to you within 24 hours.

Antibiotic Free Authentic Lobster Tails From Maine

All of our lobsters are caught in Maine by Maine fishermen. We do not buy or supply lobsters that have been farmed or raised. This allows us to ensure that you receive natural, great tasting lobster tails when you order from us.

Our founder is a 5th generation Maine fisherman who has been in the lobster industry for over 40 years. Freshness and quality are everything. Our lobsters are caught in Maine and shipped to you from Maine, ensuring your taste buds get the reward you’re paying for.

Why are Lobster Tails a Delicacy?

Lobster tails are the meatiest sections of the lobster. They are also the best-tasting part; giving that rich, sweet, and juicy taste that your taste bud will love.

In the 1860s canning became a viable way to feed thousands of soldiers in the civil war. It was realized early on that lobster was very easy to can. People as far away as California started eating lobster from Maine.

About fifty years later, legendary millionaire Diamond Jim Bradley was reported to eat up to five to seven lobster tails in a sitting. They quickly turned into a delicacy only the rich could afford.

Easy to Serve

Lobster tails are one of the easiest meals to prepare and they taste amazing.

They taste great steamed, grilled, or boiled. 

Add a touch of salt and butter and your taste buds will be melting with pleasure.

There are many sauces you can buy online to add to your dish, but many people prefer only a little butter and salt. 

Check out some of the recipes and experiment. 

It is hard to go wrong. They taste great no matter how you serve them!

A Healthy Treat You can Order Online

Lobsters are a healthy source of protein. They contain little to no fat and small amounts of cholesterol and sodium (60 mg of cholesterol per 3 oz servings and 320 mg of sodium per serving).

As far as meat goes it’s one of the healthiest sources of protein you can eat.

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