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Split Lobster Tails – Grill Pack


  • Wild-caught & Sustainably Harvested
  • Family & Company-Owned: Dock to Delivery
  • Fresh-Caught Sweet Taste & Texture
  • State-of-the-Art HPP Processing Facility
  • All Natural & Chemical Free
  • IQF Nitrogen Frozen
  • HPP to Ensure Extended Shelf Life & Prevent Against Food Borne Pathogens

Grill Pack — Each box is 4lbs of SPLIT 4/5oz tails. Contains ~28-32 halves (14-16 split tails). 

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Split Lobsters Hooray

Split lobster tails make the perfect main dish for any cookout. Our split lobster tails maintain their freshness so well, you’d think they came straight off the boat– that’s because they did! These lobster tails are easy to thaw, prep, and serve, allowing you more time to spend with your loved ones. Sear on the grill meat side down for a unique char flavor, then let the meat sit and simmer in the shell before serving. Cook them all or keep a few frozen for your next special occasion. Whatever you decide, you’ll never be disappointed with Shop Lobster’s split Maine lobster tail.  

Grill Pack — Each box is 4lbs of SPLIT 4/5oz tails. Contains ~28-32 halves (14-16 split tails).

All of our live lobsters are guaranteed to arrive alive. But our commitment to fresh seafood doesn’t end there. When you buy frozen products from ShopLobster, you are still guaranteed that fresh, straight from the sea taste. How can we do that? Please read on.

All of our frozen products are processed in a state-of-the-art HPP processing facility and then flash-frozen in an IQF nitrogen machine. HPP stands for High-Pressure Processing, a cold pasteurization technique, which is extremely effective. It leverages ultra-high-pressure purified water to inactivate bacteria, such as listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. Neutralizing these pathogens allows packaged foods to stay fresh longer.

IQF freezers use liquid nitrogen to freeze small foods that are normally very difficult to freeze well, such as raspberries or seafood. The products are frozen singly rather than in a group, allowing each to keep its individual form, texture and, most importantly, retain its fresh taste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jack W Clark (Grand Rapids, US)

Excellent product-Should have receipes available for the lobster claws-Called Phone Number on container box,but rep not to interested in providing any help in preparing to eat

KKLA (Pacoima, US)
Great customer service!

Very helpful team dedicated to fulfilling customer satisfaction!

Thomas Falise (Phoenix, US)
Tasty tails

Very nice as described and delivered on time. Very tasty as good as any restaurant here in Phoenix.

michael schmidt (West Seneca, US)

easy storage great taste

Kim Thornton (Lexington, US)

Haven’t had the lobster tails yet, but the 2 2lbs lobsters we got were so sweet and absolutely delicious.

Oliver (New York, US)

The frozen lobster tails were a hit at our dinner. They were super easy to prepare and tasted great. Definitely recommend!

Lisa (New York, US)

They tasted incredibly fresh and were so convenient to prepare.

Dewayne Ducette (Brooklyn, US)

Family truly enjoyed the tails
I appreciated the less hassle of prep
Loved the product

John Steiner (Phoenix, US)

Frozen Lobster Tails

Julie G

I had a wonderful experience using the ShopLobster app. I placed an order for the lobster to arrive a couple of days after I returned from vacation, and like clockwork, my order arrived on the date I selected and was perfectly packaged. They didn't mess around with the Claws & Knuckles - nice, big pieces that were fresh and delicious! They couldn't have made it easier to prepare. I highly recommend!