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The Best Way to Prepare a Live Lobster

Fresh-caught lobster, if prepared correctly, is one of the most delicious and decadent meals available. However, it has historically been challenging to find the freshest, live Maine lobster unless you were local to the region. Even if one was able to find lobster on the menu of a restaurant nearby, there was no guarantee that the lobster was fresh and prepared live immediately before being served.  At ShopLobster, we stand by our guarantee that our lobsters will be delivered right to your door alive, affording you the same fresh experience as dining on the beautiful coast of Maine. With a wide selection of choices in meat and size, the options to prepare your next celebratory feast are endless!

The Classic

Many folks who have had a traditional lobster dinner have fallen in love with the succulent, sweet flavor of lobster tail and claw meat.  It all begins with the boil. Live lobster can be placed directly in boiling water to cook, which will leave it perfectly tender and ready to eat, straight out of the water. While this is the simplest way to prepare a lobster, it has won the hearts of many for both the ease of preparation and the full flavor of a boiled lobster. Once the shell has been cracked open and the meat extracted, the most common accompaniment is melted butter and, occasionally, a coastal seasoning blend. This offers a complimentary flavor to the lobster and allows the fresh and sweet taste to shine through without being overshadowed by heavy sauces. 

The Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is the other main contender for the most common way to consume live-cooked lobster. Once boiled, the meat is removed and added to a sandwich roll  and tossed in simple ingredients that offer a refreshing and pure lobster-eating experience that can be enjoyed, hot or cold. However, this choice is not nearly as simple as it sounds.  There is fierce regional debate about the “correct” way a lobster roll should be served. While toppings make up a significant part of the debate, the temperature may be the biggest point of contention.  Maine lobster rolls are known for being cold, while Connecticut-style rolls are served warm on a toasted bun. In a Connecticut lobster roll, the lobster meat is tossed in butter and served with extremely simple ingredients like lettuce and occasionally other toppings like herbs and onion. In Maine, your lobster roll may come with butter, or a light mix of mayonnaise, depending on where you’re dining. A common variant of the Maine lobster roll is a lobster salad roll. Similar to other meat salads, the lobster is tossed in dressing and other veggies, then topped with accompaniments like tomato, onion, and herbs and served cold. However, for those not caught up in the heated, regional and generational debate, a lobster roll can include whatever you fancy. Spice up a lobster roll with aioli, or add some heat with spicy peppers or pickles. There is no wrong way to eat lobster! Whether you’re happy with the classic or interested in experimenting, ShopLobster is a great place to get the freshest, most authentic live Maine Lobster to prepare however you wish. And if you prefer your lobster ready to go, give our picked, cooked and frozen Claws & Knuckles a try.

Surf ‘n Turf

Lobster is classically known for being a luxurious or celebratory meal. Whether it’s a graduation, a promotion, or an anniversary, nothing says “special” quite like lobster. However, lobster is not alone in this. Another extremely popular meal to mark a special occasion or celebration is a quality cut of steak, such as filet mignon, porterhouse, or ribeye. This leads diners to a classic dilemma: lobster or steak? Since each of these foods are commonly only eaten occasionally throughout the year, the choice can be hard, especially at a fine dining establishment that specializes in both. This is where Surf ‘n Turf was born.  The classic Surf ‘n Turf meal is a cut of steak cooked to order along with a lobster tail that has been grilled or sauteed in butter, served with an accompanying side. While this may seem like a lot, special occasions often demand such extravagance.  When aesthetics are an issue, live lobsters can be instantly dispatched with a precise, swift knife insertion. This keeps the tail from curling while boiling or grilling. Then, the tail meat is usually butterflied and seared to seal in the flavor and allow for the most pleasing presentation. Once plated alongside the steak of choice, a side of melted butter is offered for the classic tried and true flavor.  Next time you have something special to celebrate, make sure your Surf’n Turf includes the fresh, sustainably caught Maine lobster we offer here at ShopLobster! And if you just want the most succulent lobster tails available, without the hassle of picking apart a whole lobster, please try our frozen tails. Our proprietary flash-freezing process preserves the freshness for a taste that will amaze you!

It’s Up to You

At ShopLobster, our lobsters are always caught fresh in ice-cold waters of Stonington, Maine by local lobster fishermen committed to sustainability and quality. From there, they will be delivered directly to your door, alive and at peak freshness.  So, how should you prepare a lobster? That part is up to you! Whether you want it directly from the shell dipped in butter, on a lobster roll bursting with flavor, or with a fine cut of sirloin steak, the choice is yours. At ShopLobster we offer dozens of recipes for our fresh lobster. And to explore all of the choices for lobster shipped directly to your door, visit our Shop today!

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